Pre Listing Inspection Kansas & Nebraska

If you are a seller listing your house for sale, a pre-listing inspection in Kansas & Nebraska can help you get an honest and unbiased perspective about the condition of your home. With the help of this inspection, you can identify faults and issues in the house that need to be addressed. These issues are generally hidden until a pre-purchase inspection, and may put off the buyer and derail the sale. By undertaking repairs suggested in our inspection report, you can price your home more accurately. You can also prepare yourself for a pre-purchase inspection in a better manner and be assured of a smooth transaction with the buyers.

Pre Listing Inspection
Pre Listing Inspection
Pre Listing Inspection

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Every seller wants to sell the house fast and at great prices. A pre-listing inspection in Nebraska & Kansas helps a seller accelerate the selling process. And who else to trust than 12 Point Home Inspection? We have a team of inspectors who are experienced in conducting detailed and accurate pre-listing inspections in Kansas & Nebraska. They dig deep into everything they are inspecting and ensure no defect or damage goes unnoticed. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment and tools, they are able to identify shortcomings, and detect the presence of harmful substances in the house. They then give you a detailed and comprehensive inspection report which helps you make repairs in a timely manner. This also gives you confidence in your house and helps you quote a better price.

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At 12 Point Home Inspection, we don’t hold you for the inspection report. Within 24 hours of the inspection, a comprehensive report, complete with coloured pictures and detailed captions, is emailed to you. This report is easy for you to understand and all our findings are documented in it. We try to reveal every piece of information that is important to you in the report, information that will help you make an informed decision. We have no vested interest in the real estate transaction, so you can be assured that you will get an honest and unbiased perspective about the condition of the home from us.

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